Complementary feed dogs

- can strengthen the musculoskeletal system, joints, tendons and ligaments - can support joint metabolism - the natural active ingredients contained can help to stabilise the cartilage substance and to better process inflammatory processes

Many dogs now suffer from painful wear and tear on their
joints - called arthrosis. The causes vary. Some dogs were loaded too early or
incorrectly, but there may also be an inherited disposition. Pain can severely
impair the mobility of our four-legged friends. With targeted nutrient
supplementation, the joint metabolism can be reactivated.

Our E-VET+ Joint Expert contains natural components and
nutrients that have been proven to support joint metabolism in dogs.

Chondroitin, GAG (glycosaminoglycans) and MSM
(methylsulfonylmethane) are naturally occurring active ingredients that are
important for stable cartilage and physiological joint metabolism. In addition, the body receives valuable
nutrients via mussel concentrate, linseed and devil's claw to be able to better
process an inflammatory event. In combination with diatomaceous earth, vitamins
and trace elements, the tendon and joint structures can be sustainably
strengthened. In this way, the joint stability and general mobility of your dog
can be promoted.

Gelenk Expert for dogs is part of our E-VET+ product range,
which, in addition to horse feed, now also complements our dog food range.

carob 31,0 %
Djævleklo 15,0 %
Koncentrat af strandskaller 10,0 %
Hørfrø 5,0 %
Glucosaminhydrochlorid 5,0 %
MSM (metylsulfonylmetan) 5,0 %
Chondroitinsulfat 3,0 %
Parsley 2,5 %
Hørfrøolie 2,0 %
Råprotein 19,7 %
Råfedt 7,1 %
Råfiber 5,3 %
Råaske 10,9 %
HCl-insoluble ash 5,2 %
Natrium 0,5 %
Calcium 0,4 %
Omega 3-fedtsyrer 2,6 %
E-vitamin (3a700) NA 15.000 mg
Vitamin C (3a300) NA 10.000 mg
Iron (3b106) Iron(II) chelate of amino acids hydrate NA 1.000 mg
Kobber (3b406) kobber (II) - aminosyrechelat, hydrat NA 200 mg
Mangan (3b504) aminosyre manganchelat, hydrat NA 2.000 mg
Zinc (3b606) Zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate NA 4.000 mg
Selen (3b812) Selenised yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3399, inactivated NA 20 mg
L-lysin HCL, tekn. ren (3c322) 40.000 mg
L-Methionin (3c305) NA 20.000 mg
Diatoméjord (E 551c) TA 30.000 mg

NA = Næringsstoffer
ZA = Zootekniske tilsætningsstoffer
TA = Teknologiske tilsaetningsstoffer
SA = Sensory additives
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