Feed material

For animals with sensitive metabolism & digestion · low in sugar · low in starch · low in fructan

Easily digestible hay to support a balanced intestinal flora and to stimulate the metabolism

Our Green Oats come from southern German meadows, are harvested shortly after flowering and gently dried. Due to the early cutting time, no starch-rich grains have yet been stored in the oat plant, which is why our oat grass contains <0.5% starch. In combination with low sugar and fructan content, Green Oats are therefore suitable for all animals that need to be fed high in raw fiber but low in sugar.

Compared to other hay plants such as alfalfa, Green Oats are characterized by a lower calcium content and a favorable calcium:phosphorus ratio of approx. 2:1. Green Oats are therefore suitable as an alternative to hay or concentrated feed for animals such as rabbits and horses that should avoid hay components that are too rich in calcium.

Due to the moderate protein content, Green Oats are valuable in feeding older animals and supporting the vitality of the animals in phases of regeneration.

preceacal digestible protein (pcvRp): 69,0 g/kg fordøjelig. energi (MJ DE): 8,4 MJ DE/kg Metabolizable energy (MJ ME): 6,9 MJ ME/kg

Green oat (dried and chopped) 98,0 %
Vegetable oil 2,0 %
Råprotein 11,00 %
Råfedt 3,60 %
Råfiber 27,70 %
Råaske 6,90 %
Styrke 0,40 %
Sukker 4,50 %
Fructan 3,00 %
Calcium 0,60 %
Fosfor 0,30 %
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