Körnerpick Profi Vitamin Plus
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Complementary feed for poultry

Supplementary feed to promote growth, laying performance and hatch rates as well as support in stressful phases, e.g. heat stress

Körnerpick Profi Vitamin Plus supplies additional vitamins to chickens in times of increased performance and demand. Growing chick can be supported in covering their high demand in very short-term as well as chicken can be prepared perfectly in advance to breeding period.
The liquid condition of Körnerpick Profi Vitamin Plus allows to easily dose it to drinking water and can be simply ingested also by weak animals.

The Base of our product are the Vitamins A, D, E and C:

  • Vitamin A plays an important role for vitality and growth. Also known as „epithelium protecing vitamin“, Vitamin A influences mucous membranes as it is part of the production of important substances that avoid mucosal dehydration. So an adequate Vitamin A supply is essential for gastrointestinal and respiratory tract.
  • Vitamin D can be absorbed in poultry only as Vitamin D3. As well as humans, chicken are able to synthesize Vitamin D3 by solar irradiation through the skin, but depending on animal husbandry, stability of chicken´s immune system and the seasonal requirements, the feed supply can be necessary. The main function of Vitamin D3 in the body is regulating the calcium-phosphor-metabolism. That makes Vitamin D3 so important for the bone metabolism and the production of solid egg shells.
  • Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant to protect the body cells. It is involved in removing cell-damaging fat-degradation products within the body, what supports a healthy muscle metabolism and decreases inflammatory processes in the organism. Furthermore Vitamin E supplementation prevents fertility disorders.
  • Vitamin C is one of the water soluble Vitamins and can be produced by the chicken itself. Just in cases of stress e.g. upcoming infects or heat stress, the body is not able to produce enough Vitamin C as needed. Then it is a good choice to add complementary feed rich in Vitanin C. In combination, Vitamin E and Vitamin C are complementing one another in antioxidative properties. So both vitamins are commonly used to achieve higher cell-protecting effects.

The benefits at a glance:

  • ideal for breeding, rearing & winter time
  • plus vitamins A, D, E & C
  • also suitable for poultry such as geese & ducks

Råprotein 0,3 %
Råfedt 5,5 %
Råfiber 0,0 %
Råaske 1,3 %
Natrium 0,6 %
Metionin 0,0 %
Lysin 0,0 %
Fugtighed 78,8 %
A-vitamin (3a672a) NA 1.000.000 I.E.
D3-vitamin (3a671) NA 200.000 I.E.
E-vitamin (3a700) NA 20.000 mg
Sodium ascorbate (1b301) TA 50.000 mg

NA = Næringsstoffer
ZA = Zootekniske tilsætningsstoffer
TA = Teknologiske tilsaetningsstoffer
SA = Sensory additives
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