Carnebello Ox Pizzle Sections
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Feed material for dogs

low-fat natural dog chew · zero additives · gently air dried product · for small dogs

Eggersmann Carnebello Ox Pizzle Sections is a natural and highly digestible chewing snack, suitable for smaller dogs. With this crunchy Ox Pizzle Sections you are offering a long-lasting chewing pleasure that naturally clean your dogs teeth and strengthen the chewing muscles effectively. Our Carnebello Ox Pizzle Sections contains 100% beef without any additives and it is an ideal single-protein-treat for allergic dogs. Due to the low fat content you can offer this chew as well to overweight dogs as an occasional treat. The gentle air drying process results in a healthy dog chew, rich in high available protein and minerals. Carnebello Ox Pizzle Sections guarantees a tasty and valuable chewing experience in addition to your dogs´ daily meal.

Ox pizzle 100 %
Råprotein 85,0 %
Råfedt 4,0 %
Råaske 1,7 %
Fugtighed 7,5 %
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